CNC Q2 Pen Tattoo Machine with German FAULHABER Motor

$290.00 excl. HST

A short and portable tattoo pen machine, all parts integrated in the grip. It’s more suitable for modern tattoo style because it’s lighter and it has minimal self-resonance, allowing you to focus on the needle tip. It can draw delicate lines and it can also make transitional soft shadows.

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Key Features

  • Professional direct drive machine
  • Lightweight design, classic appearance.
  • Faulhaber nominal 7.5V advanced DC-motor.
  • The recommended operating voltage is 6V-8V. We strongly recommend the working voltage should be always under 10V. Higher voltage is not recommended.
  • Support wired power supply, support battery power supply
  • Accepts all major cartridge brands. (It is not recommended to use hard silicone cartridges)
  • diameter 30mm grip
  • Length: 95mm
  • Light Design, only 108g
  • The connection RCA
  • The eccentric can be replaced


  •  1 Machine
  • 1 RCA Cord
  •  a few O-ring.


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