Dragonhawk EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Brass Frame Machine

$200.00 excl. HST


Weight: 145g
Frame: Solid Brass
Stroke Length: 1-4mm
Working Voltage: 4-12V
Speed: 10V/10000Rpm

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EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine

This machine could be used for both shading, lining, large-area coloring Stroke Length:2.5-4.2mm. Ergonomic, lightweight. Designed for use with standard and cartridge needles This rotary machine has a spring and armature bar set-up that ensures more Stable frequency, have a stronger rebound. Re-engineered and Special frame for a smoother, quieter operation at a lower voltage without stalling, Solid brass frame, coreless motor.
Flexible Design, Combination of motor machine and shrapnel machine
Speed: 10V/10000Rpm
Connection: RCA


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